Government, Renzi: “Allies with Pd if he leaves M5s? Cancel the primaries together in Sicily and we’ll talk about it “

“It is now clear there will be elections, to all those who say politicians are all the same I answer no, we brought Draghi, Conte, Salvini and Berlusconi sent him home”. To attack the leader of Italia Viva outside the Chamber of Deputies, Matteo Renzi, before meeting the deputies of his party. “There are those who build and those who destroy in the elections it is up to the citizens to choose. On the other hand, those who wanted the havoc and the disaster take responsibility ”, he continued. And on the hypothesis of alliance with the Democratic Partyif the dem will consider the experience of the wide field with the 5 stars concluded, he attacks: “Next Sunday in Sicily they make the primary with the grillini, first cancel the primaries, then we talk about it “. Then joking with the reporters, alongside the deputy dem Alessia Rotta, met before entering Montecitorio: “You built the winning candidacy of Damiano Tommasi in Verona. Yellow Red? Not as a coalition, but as a big heart… and anyway the only Diba, is Dybala …“.

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