Government crisis, Draghi renounces to mediate and infuriates Lega and M5s. Forza Italia also parades: the majority no longer exists. Last act in the House then the premier al Colle

National unity is gone, soon his government will no longer exist, yet he does not hide a smile. In what is probably his latest release since Madama Palace as chairman of the board, Mario Draghi he doesn’t seem to have a disappointed expression. Far from it: she takes a look at the people, greets with an open hand like never before, then gets into the car. Thus ends what should have been the decisive day for the government stability. And that it was really decisive, albeit in a negative sense: the majority is no longer there, even if technically the premier has not been disheartened. On Thursday, in the Chamber, Draghi will announce the resignation at the beginning of the debate. Then he will go to the Quirinale to resign: exactly as he did six days ago. This time, however, it is likely that the President of the Republic will take a different decision from the last.

Game over – Last week Sergio Mattarella, in the third political crisis in four years, he had refused his resignation and given five days to the political forces. A practice which was used to do decant the situation, but this time it was completely useless. At the end of a day that Enrico Letta defines as “of madness“, In the Senate three of the four big parties of the now former government majority do not vote for confidence: al 5 Star Movement are added League And Come on Italy. There is no longer that national unity which, in the words of the premier in the Chamber, guaranteed “democratic legitimacy and effectiveness“To the executive. Technically, Draghi collects trust from Pd, Leu, Together for the future, the center of Giovanni Toti. But he gets it only 95 yes. A figure that will lead him to announce his resignation at the beginning of the debate on confidence in the House and then go up to the Hill within the day.

The options – But if what was supposed to be the day of a new “pact of trust“Has turned into a”black page“- as he defines it Luigi Di Maio – the responsibility lies in some way with Draghi himself. The premier had known for days what the parties’ requests were: the 5 stars had not voted on the Aid decree after presenting a list with nine points. Nine requests on which Giuseppe Conte he expected an answer by the end of the month, and therefore in another ten days. On the other side, League and Forza Italia were ready for a Dragons encore without the 5 stars. The premier, who still has never been disheartened by Parliament, would have simply had to choose: answers to the 5 stars to try to keep them inside, then mediating with the center-right. Or answers to Matteo Salvini And Silvio Berlusconi, agreeing to continue without Conte’s MPs. What did Draghi choose to do? Neither.

The aut aut – During his speech, the premier used tones and ways that especially infuriated the League. An intervention that for the Northern League was indigestible in various steps: from taxes to bathing concessions. The annoyance then extended to Forza Italia as well, as Berlusconi gathered the Northern League allies at his home at lunchtime. But even the 5 stars got nervous, for “the contemptuous attitude“, As he defines it Giuseppe Contesilent all day, but in the evening he blurts out: “We have been put at the door”.

The day in the Senate – He had sent the group leader to Palazzo Madama Salvini Maximilian Romeo to explain the line: “We are there” but “with a new majority and a new government”, with the 5 stars out. A tough position, on which Lega and Fi arrive united in the Chamber, even if the landslides begin immediately after, with the farewell, which makes noise, of Mariastella Gelmini to his party. The condition set by the center-right, while some ministers look disconsolate, is “inadmissible”For Draghi. In fact, at the end of his speech he does not receive applause from the benches of the League. Sure, Draghi opens autonomypension reform, improvements to citizenship income, maintenance of ecological transition objectives, resolution of critical issues on the Superbonus. But then, he attacks: you cannot ask for energy security for the Italians and at the same time “protest” against the regasifiers. The reforms and then give the bank to the square, as in the case of taxis. We must continue to arm Ukraine because it remains the only way “to help the Ukrainians to defend themselves”. In the replica, however, it is even more hard and explicit. Attack the 5 stars on superbonus e minimum salary. And he rejects the accusation of several senators of having in fact asked for “full powers”. He often beats on a sort of popular will, which would have pushed him into the Chamber: “The mobilization of citizens and associations in recent days is unprecedented and is impossible to ignore“, He says referring to the mayors’ appeals. And again: “We are here, in this room, today, at this point in the discussion, because and only because the Italians have asked for it”. In short, more than a mediation discourse that of Dragons it’s a either-or: either the parties follow him or he won’t be chasing them.

The last act – To try to save what can be saved until the end, the parties of the now former majority still ask for an hour and a half. We look up to the last schemes and strategies for keep the legislature standing still. Part of a round of phone calls between the parties and the Hill (“Berlusconi had communicated our proposal” to Draghi and Mattarella, specify from Lega and Fi). Letta arrives in the Senate and sees first Federico D’Incà And Dario Franceschinithen Roberto Speranza and Giuseppe Conte. We also cling to the procedural rules: if Forza Italia, Lega and M5S do not participate in the vote the number is missing legal, the last hope of the governors. But the 5 Stars remain in the Chamber, the quorum is there and the end of national unity is regularly certified. “We have done what we can“To avoid the worst epilogue of a” dramatic “day, the Democratic Party, which most of all has spent most of all on averting the early vote, says. A “black page for Italy”, the policy “has failed”, adds Di Maio. And now, Letta predicts, “we will go to elections quickly”. But deciding the times will be the Quirinale where Draghi should in fact go up tomorrowafter the passage, probably quick, to Montecitorio to announce that he will resign.

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