Government, Conte: “Dragons contemptuous. An agenda had to be defined but there were only generic answers “

“It was not a question of ultimatum but of priorities on which a government agenda had to be defined. It was not possible, we saw from Prime Minister Draghi not only generic indications, unfortunately there was also some measures a contemptuous attitude. This is very sorry. Because we also received insults, and also from the center-right forces there was an incomprehensible attitude ”. The leader of the M5s said so Giuseppe Conte speaking to the press at the end of the day which marked the end of the current government and created a political earthquake among the parties. “Today it was necessary to have clear ideas and a precise attitude” and instead “there was only a contemptuous attitude that it’s not good for the country“, he added. “Of the fundamental measures that we have made available for protect the weakest and restart the economy they have been criticized and despised. We have become the target of a political attack that has nothing to do with the urgencies of the country. We have been in practice put at the doorthere were no conditions for us to continue, as we had hoped, with loyal collaboration “


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