Gott’s turn! Ivana wiped everyone’s eyes

Ivana Gottová (45) after the death of her beloved man Karel, she completely withdrew from the public’s attention, appearing only at events that were connected with the spread of Gott’s legacy. At the premieres of the film, Karel, as well as at the performance of the book My Journey for Happiness, she wore a typical mourning color. But now everything is different!

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Kostková’s Fear: After the collapse, Carmen cancels the theater! And Gott is furious about the film Karel

She was absolutely unmissable at this year’s Czech Nightingale! She chose a beautiful blue ethereal dress with loose sleeves and complemented it with a distinctive piece of jewelry. Before she passed the scepter to Karl Gott’s successor, Mark the Lost (36), reminded Charles of the pillars of success.

“It wasn’t just about his talent and diligence, but also about his approach to his fans and people in general. About his humility and decency, about giving away to the fans for years. He was there for them – all his life. Until the end of their days … ”

New golden Czech nightingale Ewa Farna: She didn’t hide her emotions after her victory!

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