Gott’s mistress in action: A clear message to Ivana?

To Gotta Kováscová fell in love when she was only 17 years old. It looked like a short romance, in the end it was love like a beam and lasted 10 years. It was no secret that Alice and Karel remained friends even after the breakdown of the relationship, but since 2009 the friendship has been good – Ivana was supposed to forbid Gott’s contacts with Kováscová. Therefore, she was not invited to the memorial concert, as well as to the funeral.

Gott in the cult film Karel

But that didn’t stop Alice from saying goodbye to her love. Therefore, she brought a red rose with a black ribbon to his villa in Bertramka, where it read: “Goodbye love, Alice.” “This is, I think, far more personal than going to say goodbye to the coffin on Žofín,” she later explained to Lightning.

Around the date of the commemorative concerts, she published a provocative photo of a half-naked swim in the pool. Although she did not attribute anything personal under it, this act still leads to the idea that it could be a reminder to Ivana, what chest Gott could not get used to in his time. The timing is at least special …

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