Gott is returning to the Czech Republic, but … DEBT IS WAITING HERE!

When she quickly moved back to Helsinki in May to see her husband, metal musician Tim Tolkki (55), she was the eldest daughter. Karla Gotta († 80) one sec after another. E.g. she did not have time to paint the apartment in Vysočany, which she returned. “The owner paid for it all and now she claims it from Dominic,” said Aha! source. “I didn’t have time for that at all, I just had to leave, there was a ticket attached to it and also the movers,” Dominika is aware of the debt.

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Felix is ​​furious: Exmilenka has to move out! And Gott in the hospital for alcohol

Another problem in the apartment was caused by a leaking refrigerator before moving. The sum is about 30 thousand crowns, which Slavík’s eldest daughter will have to salt. “As I sometimes flew to see Tim, I was gone for a month once, and the refrigerator caused a mess. I know that the repair cost something, I’ll contact the owner. “ Gott repents. Among other things, Dominika wants to look for a job in Prague again, because she can’t do it mentally in Helsinki.

Gott in the cemetery

Her husband Timo is constantly flying to America for longer work-related stays and leaves her alone. Not only the apartment, but also all the expenses around it come from the support. And most importantly: She can’t find a decent job in Helsinki!

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