Gott († 80) would be happy: Charlotte’s daughter at Český Slavík!

Shortly before his death, the talented young lady sang the duet Hearts Don’t Go Out, which was seen by over 66 million fans on You- And she got 5074 votes in Slavík, she lacked little and could be in 20th place (22nd place), where Anička Slováčková (26) placed with 5617 votes. It’s a pity that her father didn’t live to see this first partial success. But in the artistic sky, Karel Gott must have said to himself that he really didn’t expect this …

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Klára Doležalová admitted: Without Gott, she would not be where she is!

Farna defeated White

The Czech Nightingale poll, which returned to the scene after four years, has undergone major changes in terms of results. Marek Ztracený (28) won the Singer of the Year category, becoming Gott’s successor. With a total of 48,048 votes, Marek is also the absolute winner of the renewed poll on musical popularity, which took place last night at the Karlín Theater in Prague. The surprising awards took place in the Singer of the Year category. She has a new winner who has never won in the past. Lucia Bílá (55) was once defeated by the second or third Ewa Farna (28). And the previously invincible Kabati finished third this year, behind the winning band Mirai and the second Kryštof. The hip hop category was dominated by rapper Řezník (35). Complete results are published on the website.

Widows together

At the gala evening, a plethora of cultural figures gathered, who had to wear respirators according to current hygiene measures. A place was prepared for the widow of Karel Gott Ivan (45) next to the widow of Václav Havel († 75) Dagmar (68). They are both great friends and the former first lady was also one of those whom Karel invited to a farewell party with friends on a farm in western Bohemia in August 2019, which the singer also wrote about in his autobiography My Journey for Happiness. Even at the October premiere of the documentary Karel, the two ladies did not move apart. From the beginning of the live broadcast, Ivana and Mrs. Dagmar also counted as presenters in the main categories – Havel was to crown the Singer of the Year, and Gott was to be the Singer of the Year.

Lucie Bílá at the premiere of the film Karel: Singing Kája over the coffin was very difficult!

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