GOT7’s Yugyeom Debuts New Look At Sound Berry Festa 2022

Yugyeom delighted Korean fans with his solo songs, the GOT7 idol shone on stage and also appeared with a different hair look than anyone expected, how does this singer look now?

Recently, Yugyeom has been visiting different countries while giving concerts and meeting fans, very soon he will travel again to other parts of the world where AHGASE already waiting to see it, but before that the singer appeared in a concert in South Korea along with other artists.

The member of GOT7 was part of the lineup Sound Berry Festa 2022presented a whole musical show that made his fans sing with emotion, but although seeing the idol on stage was exciting, that was not the only surprise during the event.

yugyeom came out on stage with a new lookso the photos and videos captured by the attendees stole the eyes of international AHGASE who did not miss any update on the concert.

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GOT7: Yugyeom with short hair takes everyone by surprise, this is his look

The member of GOT7 and artist of AOMG went on stage and showed off his new look, Yugyeom is now wearing the short hair and she’s back to foundation, so she has lovely curls that look great on her.

Since his debut as a soloist, this boy had let his hair grow, so this change of image was unexpected and somewhat drastic, but the interpreter of All You Fault garnered compliments from fans.

GOT7’s Yugyeom with short curly hair. | Source: Twitter @uhgoodsj

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Yugyeom filled Sound Berry Festa 2022 with energy, how was the concert?

The K-Pop idol and KR&B artist presented various melodies accompanied by his dancers, so in addition to hearing him sing and show off his vox, Yugyeom conquered with his best steps and choreography.

GOT7’s Yugyeom at Sound Berry Festa 2022. | Source: Twitter @

All Your Fault and Love The Way were just some of the songs that were heard during the night of the concert, which were chanted by the fans who were present.

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