GOT7’s Jinyoung to play his first villain in High Five

Jinyoung’s career as an actor continues to bring amazing stories to our screen, we tell you about his next film and what an exciting role he will play.

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Long ago it was confirmed that the member of GOT7 will be part of a new film of drama and fantasy, the film will be named after High Five and is directed by Kang Hyung Chul. Previously, the filming put a brief pause to its scheduled schedule, but after continuing successfully, the time has come to reveal more details of what we will see on screen.

The film tells the story of a group of people who developed unimaginable powers and they all agree that this change occurred after they received transplants of different organs of the body.

Now they must fight against those people who try to take their abilities no matter what it costs. OMG!

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What character will Jinyoung have? His role in High Five

It was recently announced what skills each of the characters that we will see in the movie, for example, Lee Jae In gains super strength after a heart transplant and Ahn Jae Hong can now hold his breath for a long time from a lung transplant.

However in the case of Jinyoung, his character received a pancreas transplant and in the revealed qualities of his character it is pointed out that because of this he will become a fearsome villain. ¡WOW!

Jinyoung filmando Yumi’s Cells. | Fuente: Instagram @jinyoung_0922jy

Jinyoung and the dramas to learn about their recent projects

It is idol He started acting since 2012 taking a role within Dream High 2 and since then he has not stopped taking some roles, increasing his experience and also showing different sides of his talent.

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In 2021 we saw him as Kim Ga On in the suspense drama The Devil Judge, but he also made his way in the history of Yumi’s Cells, which is already preparing its second season.

In other GOT7 news, we told you that BamBam started promoting what will be his second solo album, know the details.

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