GOT7: Youngjae had an adorable fashion accident while traveling

Youngjae got a big surprise when everyone discovered the secret of his shoes, the funny moment is etched in the memory of GOT7 fans.

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The singer from Vibin ‘ He is currently part of the Sublime Artist Agency and recently released his first solo album. Before starting this stage in his career, he already had a great experience on stage, because together with GOT7 they visited venues in a great diversity of countries bringing their music.

With multiple tours and a long list of cities in each of them, the members of this idol group probably already have enough practice packing and getting everything ready before going out to the city. airport and go on the adventure, but a small change can cause surprising results.

That was what happened to Youngjae when the interpreters of Not By The Moon They flew to Thailand, left in the dark and landed during the day, it was then that the artist noticed that there was something in his look that did not fit.

GOT7’s Youngjae wears different shoes at the airport

The actor of So Not Worth It He wore a casual look with a sporty vibe, combining pants, a shirt and a cap in dark tones, as well as a pair of tennis shoes. However, both pieces of his footwear were different, although they matched in color.

Youngjae wearing different tennis shoes. | Source: Twitter @MYSunshineYJ

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The fans who were waiting to see GOT7 leaving the airport they showed their surprise and shared the images of the look of Youngjae wondering if it was an experiment in his style or the idol had confused his tennis.

Youngjae reveals the truth of his various tennis fashion accident

A few hours after the event, Youngjae took to social networks to share in a funny way one of the photographs taken by official means and explained that everything had happened due to an error, because while he was dressing everything was very dark and he simply took two tennis shoes that at that time they looked the same.

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It was until he landed and saw the photos everywhere that he discovered that he had just starred in a fashion accident. UPS!

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