GOT7 will end 2021 with group reunion, is a comeback coming up?

Does GOT7 plan something special for AHGASE? The king of spoilers revealed that he and the rest of the members have a meeting pending for the end of the year and the theories increase the excitement of the fandom.

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Everything points to what AHGASE It will have an end of 2021 and a beginning of 2022 full of activities for its boys to follow, as it is expected that more than one member will return to solo music with new musical projects.

BamBam He already shared that he will release his second album and Jinyoung promised to return to the stage, but with new group record material, to rumors of a comeback from GOT7, a new statement excites AHGASE.

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Will GOT7 be releasing a new album and are they already reuniting for their comeback?

Jay B He is the king of spoilers and on countless occasions talked about the projects of his GOT7 colleagues long before they revealed it, so he is a reliable source and his best at anticipating surprises for fans.

In a recent interaction, the leader of GOT7 spilled the tea and told that he and the rest of the members from boy band They had plans to meet in Korea, this will be in person, face to face because you need to talk to them. : Or Khé?

Since he has thousands of activities on his agenda, he has to organize everything to see them and everything indicates that it will be at the end of this 2021, so there is no doubt that it will be in December, although he did not reveal a date.

The K-Pop band GOT7. | Source Twitter @ GOT7x_AHGASE

AHGASE theories about the GOT7 year-end reunion, what are they planning?

After the exciting statements of the idol, AHGASE made his own conclusions because they bet that it will be a meeting to talk about a comeback or a group project. : 0

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Beyond new music, fans of GOT7 They celebrated that they will meet again, live together and maybe share some of the details of their talk on social networks.

Jinyoung hints at GOT7’s new album, when is it released, and what are AHGASE’s comments? The K-Pop band is ready to make a comeback.

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