GOT7 Unveils Concept Photos And Builds A New Beginning

GOT7 members star in new photos for the album that will mark their comeback as a group after more than a year. The theme chosen by the idols includes a special message about the stage that is beginning in their careers.

After releasing tickets for their next fan meeting, previews of the new EP of the K-Pop group continue. Previously, the calendar of activities and the tracklist for ‘GOT7‘, now the emotion rose thanks to the photos of these artists.

The band’s social networks shared conceptual photos of what we will see in this self-titled mini album. First came a group photo that thrilled fans who had been waiting so long for OT7 images.

However, the surprises would continue, because we also obtained individual photos of the seven members where they look spectacular, what is special about the images?

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GOT7 Gives a Powerful Message With Their Comeback Teaser Photos

the set of photos published is called GOT7’S HOUSE: UNDER CONSTRUCTION (LA CASA DE GOT7: UNDER CONSTRUCTION), a phrase that has gained great relevance for fans because the members are really building this new stage in their career under their own criteria.

Jay B and Mark from GOT7. | Source: Twitter @GOT7

The images show us the idols wearing outfits denim in different shades and designs as they pose with determination, but also appear surrounded by tools.

Yugyeom, BamBam and Youngjae from GOT7. | Source: Twitter @GOT7

The faces of the Not By The Moon performers have slight shadows as a result of the construction work, which again brings us back to the real work that the idols are doing at this point in their artistic lives.

Jinyoung and Jackson from GOT7. | Source: Twitter @GOT7

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GOT7’s New Album: Premiere And Group Plans For 2022 Comeback

According to the idol schedule, two more sets of concept photos will be released, followed by an album highlight medley, poster, and MV teaser. GOT7’s EP premieres on May 23, as well as the music video for NANANAthe main song.

Also, GOT7 will be holding their FANCON concert on May 21-22, so we’ll have previews about that as well.

We also tell you that EXO’s Kai will return from Germany with a new achievement in his career.

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