GOT7: The crying Yugyeom meme that best represents AHGASE

The photo of Jay B and Jackson hugging Yugyeom while the maknae cries has become very popular, especially since GOT7’s new start. Why is this photo so well known among fans and what is its story?

Throughout his career, members of GOT7 They have given us spectacular songs and performances, but in addition to their great talent, they have always shown their charisma, friendship and good sense of humor.

Thus was born a meme that even though it originated in the first year of the group’s debut, it remains in everyone’s memory AHGASE and in fact, in recent years it has become even more popular, do you know what image we are talking about?

This is a screenshot where yugyeom appears crying, but at his side are Jay B. Y jackson hugging him as they both smile widely. Find out how the meme was born and why AHGASE identifies with it.

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Yugyeom crying, the meme that was born as a joke and is now a reality for AHGASE

The picture of Yugyeom crying with Jay B and Jackson by her side belongs to an episode of Real GOT7, a small reality-style series that idols filmed after debuting in K-Pop. In this project the singers showed us a bit of their connection, they faced challenges as a team and also individually.

In one of the episodes, the members had the task of playing a joke of hidden camera to Yugyeom and after the staff made him late for a rehearsal the show began, as they faked an argument that even led them to mention that the group could end.

GOT7’s maknae couldn’t help but cry at the prospect, but as soon as his fellow members saw his reaction they revealed the truth and started dancing in the rehearsal room to bring joy to this space.

GOT7 Yugyeom meme | Source: Twitter @ppchongthu

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The reason why AHGASE is identified with the crying yugyeom meme is because, when the group decided not to renew their contract with JYPEntertainment, there was a lot of uncertainty in the fandom about what would happen and the members of the group did not give clear signals. For many fans it was impossible not to worry, but while that was happening the idols were already planning their future as a group.

Thus, the fans have pointed out that just like in the meme, the members were calm and happy building their future in music while the emotions took over the fandom that still had no idea of ​​the great surprises that they would give them, however it is not the the only time it has been used massively by the IGOT7.

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