GOT7 test: Can you distinguish all facets of Jay B in music?

In addition to being the leader of GOT7, Jay B has worked as a solo artist, in collaborations, sub-units, and under different names to distinguish one project from another. Do you know perfectly the career of this K-Pop idol?

Currently, Jay B is part of the company CDNZA Records, but this boy has come a long way as an artist, as he has even debuted as a drama actor. Today we will focus on his music, as we will test how much you know about him and his facets as a singer.

This member of GOT7 has shown its talent and creativity in subunits such as JUS2 Y JJ Projectalso usually work with OFFSHOREan R&B crew along with other music talents, shines as a soloist and also has music under the name of Def.

No doubt Jay B. He is passionate about music, but can you distinguish which project each of his songs belongs to? Take this quiz and find out.

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Can you differentiate Jay B’s songs in all his musical projects?

1. The song Just Wanna Know is a release from…

  • Jay B solo (20)
  • JJ Project (30)
  • Def (10)

2. What project have you collaborated with Junny on?

  • Songs from his solo album (30)
  • As Def (20)
  • Both (10)

3. ‘Take’ is one of the songs he has performed for K-Dramas, this track is…

  • A collaboration (20)
  • A single from JUS2 (10)
  • One solo single (30)

4. Which of the following songs was not released on a Jay B album as part of OFFSHORE?

  • Honey (10)
  • Sweet Dream (20)
  • Just Stay (30)

5. How many mixtapes has Jay B released under the name Def so far?

6. Icarus is part of the album…

  • Verse 2 (10)
  • Focus On Me (30)
  • WE ARE: SMOKE (20)

7. Which subunit that Jay B is a part of also released their most recent album in a Japanese edition?

  • JUS2 (10)
  • JJ Project (20)
  • Both (30)

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Expert level. It seems that you really enjoy Jay B’s music no matter what project it is, as you are familiar with all of this GOT7 member’s songs, collaborations, and special releases. Cool!

GOT7: How much do you know about Jay B’s songs? | Source: Instagram

Intermediate level. Although you got some correct answers, you also failed some test questions, you probably only know about Jay B’s career as a K-Pop idol but other than that you are not familiar with his music.

GOT7: How much do you know about Jay B’s songs? | Source: Instagram

Beginner level. The truth is that you failed many times, you probably read song titles you don’t know and felt puzzled. Don’t worry, take this as an opportunity to learn more about Jay B.

GOT7: How much do you know about Jay B’s songs? | Source: Instagram

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