GOT7 Reveals New Album Tracklist And Raise Fans’ Excitement Music

The release of a new GOT7 album is getting closer, what songs will the group’s new EP include? We tell you the details of the tracklist and the participation that the members had as composers.

May is the month of AHGASEGOT7 members have been preparing to come back with more music and have spoiled their fans with many surprises so far, showing their great teamwork but also the connection they have with their fandom.

Following announcements related to the name and release date of their self-titled EP, GOT7 He continued to post the pre-sale, preview images of the physical album, and the schedule of activities for this musical era. Now give us a look at the songs that are part of your come back.

This will be a record material in the purest style of GOT7, so the expectations for the melodies have not stopped growing.

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GOT7: All the songs on the EP, which members composed them?

The EP titled GOT7 will include a total of 6 songs, all of them composed by the members of the group and in which they worked together with great producer and composer friends, so the credits of the melodies are full of names that were familiar to fans. .

Jay B. was in charge of the main song called NANANAbut the leader of GOT7 he also wrote Truth and Don’t Leave Me Alone. Drive Me To The Moon was composed by Youngjaewhile yugyeom was part of Two and Don’t Care About Me, on this last track he also worked with jinyoung.

Take a look at what the ad looks like below. track list:

GOT7 tracklist for their 2022 comeback. | Source: Twitter @GOT7

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When is GOT7’s new album released? All about the 2022 comeback

GOT7’s mini album premieres on May 23, the day the music video for NANANA will also be released. Over the next few days we will see the arrival of three rounds of concept teasers for the EP, followed by a highlight medley, posters, and the MV trailer.

GOT7 schedule for comeback 2022. | Source: Twitter @GOT7

The group will also have two days of Fancon, so AHGASE will see them in concert shortly before the comeback arrives.

On the other hand, the K-Pop group has just renewed its logo and social networks. Learn more about GOT7 news.

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