GOT7: Mark Tuan looks where he transformed his hair style

Mark Tuan’s style has been transformed since his debut with GOT7, but there are looks that made their mark and represented a drastic change that thrilled fans.

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For groups of idols, it is common that before starting a new era of promotions with their most recent album, several of the members transform their lookThey can be discreet and light adjustments, but they can also be totally unexpected.

While GOT7 evolves and shows different musical facets, also the idols have directed their image towards the image they wanted to show with each comeback and Mark Tuan | it has always been one of the ones that gives us the most changes.

The interpreter of Last Breath has worn various cuts of hair, hairstyles and even dyes of very different colors, so today we will remember several transformations of this boy that accelerated hearts and made it very clear that Mark is not afraid of any look change.

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Mark Tuan and his unforgettable hair colors

Mark has used many shades of blonde, from platinum, bright yellow and even a little darker that navigate the border of blonde and light brown.

Mark Tuan with blonde hair. | Source: Twitter @krissssm

Each one of them gives a different vibe to their style, but with all of them it looks spectacular.

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Mark Tuan with red hair It is one of the most iconic looks that this American idol has given us and that is why it could not be left off the list.

Mark Tuan with red hair. | Source: Twitter @yiensuho

This occurred during the era 7 for 7 while the idols promoted You Are and it is one of the fantasy colors that he has worn in his career.

When GOT7 presented their album DYE and promoted Not By the MoonThe guys wore fancy Romeo and Juliet outfits, so Mark made a change to his hair that we loved.

Mark Tuan with curly hair. | Source: Twitter @heyigotchills

The singer she wore her hair with a black tone, but also slightly curled her hair achieving a dreamy look.

In the age of Present You, Mark painted parts of his hair with a purple dye, which initially blended delicately with the darker areas.

Mark Tuan with purple hair. | Source: Twitter @yienyoungyeom

Eventually this look was transformed with different shades of purple, but it was still iconic.

Finally, we have another drastic makeover where Mark’s hair looked fantastic, this silver style lasted only a short time, but it certainly left its mark on the hearts of the fans.

Mark Tuan with silver hair. | Source: Twitter @suhrreaI

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