Gossip Girl, the reboot: Georgina’s surprise cameo spotted in this new teaser?

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D-1 before discovering the rest of the adventures of the new golden youth of the Upper East Side! Indeed, it is tomorrow – or Thanksgiving Day – that comes out on HBO Max the second part of season 1 of the reboot of Gossip Girl. A new round of episodes eagerly awaited by fans of the show. And for good reason, the very first episodes ended on a huge cliffhanger. As a reminder, while Otto was dating Zoya, his ex’s half-sister, the latter finally backtracked by kissing Julien during the demonstration. Suffice to say that this love triangle will make a lot of noise in the future!

And he won’t be the only one! Because the herd formed by Aki, Audrey and Max will also be in the center of all eyes in this second part. By the way, speaking of Max, it seems that the latter is about to cross paths with a brand new female character. Indeed, the official Instagram of the reboot of Gossip Girl shared an unreleased clip from Part 2. A short trailer that shows Max and his adoptive father about to receive a visit from a mysterious stranger on Thanksgiving night.

A woman who appears from the back only, her face hidden behind a large hat, and who therefore usually wears the perfume Baccarat Rouge 540. And the least we can say is that to see Max’s happy face, the latter will be a very nice surprise for fans of Gossip Girl. Clues that lead us to believe that it could be the famous cameo of Georgina Sparks teased by the actress a few weeks ago. Indeed, following the surprise appearance of her son Milo in the plot, Michelle Trachtenberg had hinted on Instagram that Georgina could be back in the reboot of Gossip Girl. A theory, however, to be taken with a grain of salt, until we can get to the bottom of it tomorrow on HBO Max. The appointment is given!

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