Gossip Girl, Savannah Lee Smith: “We’ll try to get Blair back in an episode of the new series”

The video interview with Savannah Lee Smith, one of the protagonists of the new Gossip Girl, a sequel in which this time New York has to contend with the Instagram account of the perfidious news source on the Manhattan elite.

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Gossip Girl: A scene from the series

The daughters and sons of Manhattan’s elite are shaking: there’s a new Gossip Girl in town. From 27 October it is available on Sky Serie (Sky channel 112) Gossip Girl precisely, sequel from the 2000s series created by Joshua Safran. Almost ten years after the original, we are still at Constance Billard, a prestigious private school.

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Gossip Girl: a scene photo

The rivalry between friends – enemies Blair and Serena is replaced by that between sisters Julien Calloway (Jordan Alexander) and Zoya Lott (Whitney Peak), who have the same mother but not the same father. Always dressed in the latest fashion and full of money, the protagonists now have a new source of wealth and power: Instagram followers. In ten years the “hit girls” have in fact become influencers.

To put more spice between the two a new Gossip Girl: this time it is the faculty of the school that is united to keep arrogant and out of control pupils at bay. We talked about the new series, consisting of 12 episodes, with one of the protagonists: Savannah Lee Smith, which has the role of Monet de Haan, friend of Julien and classic “mean girl”.

The video interview with Savannah Lee Smith

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The New Gossip Girl: An enhanced version of the original


Gossip Girl: il character poster by Julien

First of all I would like to ask you if you were a fan of Gossip Girl and if you were are you happy to be part of the revival?

Yes, I’m a fan. During the quarantine I did all season binge watching: it made me addict! Blair is my favorite character. They are trying to get her back for an episode: I hope that happens, everyone hopes for it! When I learned I had the role, a dream came true: to be part of something that so many people love and adore. It was nice to put on the clothes and be in New York – I’ve lived there for three years now. It was great to be able to stay and see new parts of the city that I love.

Gossip Girl: the review: welcome back to the Upper East Side

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Gossip Girl: The cast in an image from the series

In your opinion, what has changed since the first Gossip Girl? In this new series we talk about cancel culture, there is a very varied cast.

I think it’s changed for the better: it’s an enhanced version of the original. There is a very diverse cast, which is a great thing and is seen in more and more series all the time. It feels good to be part of the beginning of the change. Especially in the industry, because I think it’s where it’s needed most. Representation is key, especially in the media, because we see and consume them all the time. The other major change is social media – it was a necessary change for the show. This is a high school series and you can’t do it without Instagram and Twitter. I think it was a necessary change and they did it in an authentic and realistic way.

Gossip Girl: times change but mean girls remain

Ep3 17

Gossip Girl: una scena

Times change, people change, but teenagers are always very bad in high school. Why do you think?

Yes, I also had wicked schoolmates in high school: we all remember schoolmates who were mean. I do not know. I think it’s fun in the show – it’s really fun to watch wicked girls in action, intrigue and drama. And that’s my role: my character causes a lot of drama. It’s fun to be a bad girl: I wouldn’t describe myself that way, so it’s fun to try something so distant from my personality.

Gossip Girl: the power today is in Instagram followers

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Gossip Girl: the cast in a scene from the series

The series is also about power: today power is not only in clothes and money, but in Instagram followers. In your opinion, isn’t it dangerous to think in terms of followers and likes, especially for the younger ones?

Absolutely. I fell for it too. It’s a constant battle: there are those moments when you gain a lot of followers and you think it’s great, it means a lot. But then you have to take a step back and realize that they don’t mean anything. It’s not tangible, it’s not real. People are real, followers are real, but who you are on social media is different from who you really are. I think it’s important to keep the two separate. When the border becomes thin you start to think that if you had more followers, people would treat you differently. And maybe that’s true, but it’s important not to think about it and make it too important.

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