Gossip Girl: Ed Westwick in love with Leighton Meester on the set?

If you’ve seen the “Gossip Girl” series, you might not have missed the now cult couple formed by Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf. And precisely, the interpreter of the dark young man has recently indulged in some secrets about his feelings for his co-star at the time.

Chuck and Blair: the flagship couple of Gossip Girl

We must admit that at the very beginning of the series, no one thought that the two fiery characters would end up together. If their history has seen many ups and downs – as well as a good dose of temporary ruptures -, Blair and Chuck got their happy end to the delight of fans. The game of cat and mouse in which the two protagonists indulged allowed their couple to be one of the most popular of Gossip Girl – and the universe of series in general. For the record, program creator Josh Schwartz (Newport Beach), explained to Vulture a few years ago that the romance between Blair and Chuck was absolutely not planned. The second was only to be an antagonist of the show, most the undeniable alchemy that united him to Leighton Meester led to a whole different story.

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Their scenes together would just crackle.

Once this is established, the authors of Gossip Girl never gave up on the idea – despite the series’ many twists and turns – of finishing the two characters together. Fans of Blair and Dan, so have no regrets: the fate of the two protagonists was well and truly mapped out, despite obstacles or other love interests put on their respective paths.

Ed Westwick’s Confidences

During a recent Q&A with fans in England, Ed Westwick, who faced serious rape charges in 2018, opened up about his relationship with Leighton Meester while filming the series. And obviously, the actress did not leave the latter indifferent !

Gossip Girl ©Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

It’s hard not to fall in love with Leighton I mean, to have a part of me developing feelings for her, you know?

The actor therefore revealed in a nutshell the attraction he felt for his partner on the screen. Unfortunately for fans of the duo, it didn’t lead to a love affair in the city. This anecdote is also reminiscent of the revelations of the stars of Friends, Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer. At the meeting of the cult band, both admitted having had a “crush“for each other during the filming of the series. For the record, if Ed Westwick has never been in a relationship with Leighton Meester, he shared a moment in the life of actress Jessica Szohr, who camped Vanessa in Gossip Girl ! For her part, her co-star dated Sebastian Stan (Captain America: The Winter Soldier), who camped the dark Carter in the show to success.

All’s well That ends well

Always present on the small screen, Leighton Meester has been having the perfect love affair with famous actor for years ! Indeed, the one who lent her features to Blair married in 2014 with Adam Brody, well known to fans of Newport Beach since he played the role of Seth, one of the main characters of the series teen. For his part, Ed Westwick has less luck in love. Earlier this year, the actor separated from his girlfriend, influencer and model Tamara Francesconi.

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