google workspace update: Stop sending emails, sir! Google’s new update will change the experience of using Gmail; Call-chatting also possible – stop sending emails google new update will completely change the experience of using gmail call-chatting also possible

Contacting each other via email will become a thing of the past a few days later. Yes, because a big update from Google will change a lot. Recently a Google update was announced that will bring major changes to the way Gmail users interact with each other from now on. The Gmail service will allow users to enhance their communication using the app. Gmail, which has more than 1.5 billion users, will soon add the ability for other users to actually call, chat with, join group discussions and more on their mobile phones. All this can be done without leaving Gmail.

No need to switch to another tab-app
This means that once the Gmail update is rolled out to your user account, you won’t need to switch to another tab, app, or service to do any of the previously mentioned tasks. Google updates for Workplace include the addition of Google Chat to users of Gmail Inbox, as well as a new tab for Google Meet and Spaces. While Google Meet and Google Chat are familiar names, Google Spaces is a service for group discussions that allows for threaded discussions, much like Slack.

What are the benefits, you can also see
However, one of the biggest advantages of this new Gmail update is the ability to make calls (or start a meeting) directly from your inbox. Instead of dialing through your contacts list for a phone number, or opening another app, you can use Google users’ email addresses to make quick calls — without leaving the website or mobile app. This means that users who only want to leave a message via chat, rather than a more formal email, can simply click on the Chats tab on Gmail and message a contact. These messages will also sync with other devices, such as their phones, that also have the Gmail app installed.

Users will be able to receive calls not only on the phone but also on the computer
“At a time when popular services like WhatsApp are still working on bringing support for true multi-device functionality, Google Workspace updates allow Gmail users not only on their phones but also on their phones,” explains Sanaj Ahari, senior director of product management at Gmail. Will allow you to receive calls on the computer as well. “Soon you’ll be able to call team members directly from a one-to-one chat. This will ring their device running the Gmail mobile app and send the call chip to a chat on their laptop, so they can easily answer Can be delivered from any device.”

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