google play Store more than 19000 app can be harmfull for users persona details

Google Play Store: According to Avast, more than 19,000 apps of this Google Play Store can cause harm to digital security because most of the apps have got vulnerability.

Questions often arise about some apps present on the Google Playstore and after getting the right information, Google also removes those dangerous apps from its platform. Now another latest information has come out. Digital security firm Avast has listed more than 19,000 apps on the Google Play Store as dangerous.

According to Avast, more than 19,000 apps in the Google Play Store can harm digital security. According to the company, such apps not only play with the security of the smartphone but can also be responsible for leaking data. Also, it can cause financial loss to the users.

The digital security firm said that the vulnerability has been found in most of the apps, which is due to incorrect configuration in the Firebase database. Firebase is a tool used by Android developers to store user data. In such a situation, more than 19 thousand Android apps can use the data of users wrongly.

These Android apps can misuse and share users’ name, address, location, data etc. Whereas in some cases apps are also responsible for data theft. According to Avast, Google has been warned about such vulnerability, so that Google can ask app developers to take the right steps.

Which type of apps are more at risk

Lifestyle, gaming, food delivery and e-mail apps are mostly on the list of those facing vulnerability. Due to this vulnerability, countries located in regions like Europe, South-East Asia, Latin America are being affected the most. Research has claimed that the personal information of 10 percent of users of Firebase-based apps is at risk.

Last month, Google banned 8 dangerous apps, which were not safe in view of the privacy of users. These apps were being used by hackers for their personal gain. For this, he was doing this to trap the users and steal their personal information. Click here to know in detail.

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