Google messages: learn about the latest features of the app

The application Google Messages prepares new and important improvements for future updates, one of them will be compatible with Apple iMessages, since it will allow you to react to texts as in Facebook Messenger; In addition, the Google app will notify you when it is the birthday of all your contacts.

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It is important to clarify that at the moment these are functions that are still in the development stage, but we suggest that you keep the application updated so that the tools that we have just mentioned will reach you at any time.

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Currently, you can send SMS or MMS messages from Google Messages to iMessage or vice versa, but reactions are not yet supported. For this reason the company of the great “G” works in this function so that in its next update it is already a reality, reported the media specialized in technology Engadget Android.

The emojis available for reactions could be the following: a heart (I love it), thumb up (like), thumb down (dislike), Ha Ha! (laughs), finally, exclamation and question marks.


The other novelty is the birthday reminders, how does it work? The moment you open someone’s chat to send them a message, the application will warn you the following: “It is the birthday of (x) Wish him a happy birthday!”, then an animation of a cake with lit candles will appear. In accordance with Engadget Android, for the reminders it is necessary that you have scheduled the birthday of your contact or that the contact makes public the date of his day in his profile.

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