Google Maps now offers immersive augmented reality navigation in Paris

By Graziella L. Posted Nov 19, 2022 12:17 PM

The city of Paris benefits from an exceptional novelty on Google Maps: an augmented reality map to find your way and benefit from additional information with a single gesture.

Parisians and tourists will be able to try a new feature of Google Mapsonly available at Paris, and in a few major cities, such as London and Los Angeles. The opportunity to discover the capital by augmented realityand especially to take advantage of information on shops, museums and other elements of Parisian life, with a single gesturewithout having to search the Internet.

How it works ? Just go to the new navigation mode LiveView on the application, using the small camera button in the search bar, or in the search for walking directions. The function will display in Paris information in overlay, as soon as you point your phone at a particular place, thanks to your camera. This allows you to quickly know which restaurant to eat near your location, if it is well rated, its opening hours and its price. Even places hidden by other buildings can be shown!

Google Maps can also display the wheelchair accessible places, in the whole world. A pictogram is then indicated, as are details on the compliance of the premises. However, the function must be activated beforehand. in the app’s accessibility settings. Since the beginning of the year, many elements have been added to help pedestrians, in particular thelocation of pedestrian crossingswith more accurate mapping.

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