google maps indian accent issue: Google Maps has lost consciousness? Giving back-and-forth answers on asking anything, users are also surprised and upset; Read interesting case – google maps complaining on indian accent randomly know what google needs to say


  • Google Maps bug
  • Answers to users getting in any other language
  • The company said that the problem will be resolved soon

New Delhi. In today’s time, almost all of us use Google Maps. It is used by many users around the world. This is an app through which you can reach anywhere. Whether you want to go two kilometers away or 200 kilometers away, here you get information about every route. Instructions are given here like where to turn, where to walk straight, so that you reach your destination. Although this is a very helpful app, but in the last few days, users have understood the problem in this app.

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This problem is coming in Google Maps:

Many users have complained about this app. He has said that he suddenly started hearing instructions in another language on Google Maps. This was seen even when he did not make any changes to the settings of Google Maps. People suddenly started hearing Indian native language.

In many cases it happened that when users were using Google Maps, they suddenly started hearing a different sound. Many users heard a man’s voice and many a woman’s voice. Not only this, many people also noticed the voice of an Indian woman during this period. Not only Hindi, but some people also heard the accent of Persian language.

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Apart from language and accent, a problem was also seen by the users. Users were not able to change the default navigation sound in this app. At the same time, a user also said that only one sound was heard during the entire drive. But the voice was changed automatically for a particular instruction.

What is Google saying:

When Google came to know about this problem, then they said that they will soon find a solution to this problem. Let us tell you that when a user gave this information on Twitter, the company said in the reply that it will soon remove this bug. If seen, the company will have to find a solution to this problem as soon as possible so that users do not have to face such a problem again.

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