Google Maps: how the app’s immersive view works

In May 2007, Google introduced Street View, a plugin for Google Maps and Earth, which allowed panoramic views of avenues and streets around the world. It was first available for the web and then for mobile devices with a system Android. Now, the Mountain View company has presented the evolution of this tool.

Is about immersive view, a feature that uses photos taken by users and combines them with satellite images, to create a 3D model of cities around the world. Although an official date for its launch has not been indicated, Google announced that it will be available in 2022.

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The portal pointed out how this new feature will work. In addition, he specified that the first cities that will have a 3D model are Los Angeles, London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo.

How does Google Maps Immersive view work?

  • Access Google Maps from your Android device
  • Select any place, or type the name of a location in the search bar
  • In the panel that drops down, tap on the image that has the Immersive view tag
  • Slide your finger in any direction to enjoy the detail of the 3D view that is shown to you

Remember that for the moment, this function will be available to view the cities of Los Angeles, London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo. In addition, there is still no official date to start enjoying the immersive view, but Google indicated that it is active in the coming months of 2022.

Activate the incognito mode of Google Maps in Android Auto

  • Go to the Google Maps app on your smartphone
  • Click on your profile picture, located in the upper right corner
  • Choose Activate incognito mode
  • Now connect your cell phone with the vehicle and start Android Auto
  • Open Google Maps, if it hasn’t started automatically on your vehicle’s screen
  • At the top you will see a message that says “Incognito mode is activated”
  • Now just choose the destination and that’s it, the route will not be saved in your history


  • First, make sure that Google Maps have no pending updates in the Android Google Play Store.
  • Now, open the application and click on the icon of your profile picture located in the upper right corner.
  • A new window will be displayed with several options, access the “Settings” or “Configuration”.
  • Then, tap on the “Navigation Settings” section.
  • In this part, look for the “Test sound” section so that you can listen to the current voice you have in the app. Google Maps.
  • If you want to change it, click on “Voice selection” and choose “Spanish (Latin America)” or “Spanish (Spain)”, if you do not like either of them, keep the “Default option (Spanish)”.

Done, all you have to do is touch the “Voice selection” option so that you can confirm the changes in the voice, you can even modify the volume of the guide to “Lower”, “Normal” or “High”, it is a matter of taste.

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