Google Maps and Waze: know the main differences in terms of route function

The two applications par excellence in terms of map routes and GPS-assisted navigation are: Google Maps, developed by the company Alphabet Inc .; and Waze, created by the Waze Mobile company and acquired by Google in 2013. The question before these two technological platforms is the following, which will be better? We will leave it to your discretion after you know their main and most important differences.

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It is important to clarify that both applications are similar in terms of operation, but they meet different objectives and are focused in different ways. For this reason, thanks to a report prepared by the technological medium Engadget AndroidWe will only talk about its routes and navigation options, tools that both platforms have.

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Here Google Maps It takes a wide advantage, because although the two platforms offer you the possibility of going from one point to another, Waze only does it by car, motorcycle and taxi, on the other hand, Maps guides you even if you travel on foot, bicycle and public transport.

However, if you go in a car, Waze It has an option that will help you to know how much fuel you have left so that on the way it will show you gas stations; Also, if you want to avoid tolls, the app will guide you through the best routes where there will be no dirt roads or complicated terrain that end up damaging your vehicle.


Waze It is characterized by its effective social component, it means that all drivers who use this app will report in real time incidents that may occur daily such as: traffic, a vehicle accident, road closures, police control, etc.

Although Google Maps has taken the initiative to place a button to report incidents, this has not been able to expand to all users, since it is only available in some countries of the world. In conclusion, both platforms complement each other, it is a matter of choosing the one that best suits your routine activity.

Do you have problems with Google Maps? If the app crashes on your phone or tablet, or has another problem that affects your experience, follow this series of steps by clicking hereto access Google help support.

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