Google doodle dedicated to Steven Hawking, the astrophysicist who studied black holes

doodle Google Hawking

With a doodle Google celebrate today Steven Hawking, British physicist, mathematician and astrophysicist born January 8, 1942 in Oxford. Hawking was among the most authoritative and
known theoretical physicists in the world, best known for his studies on black holes, on quantum cosmology and the origin of the universe. He died in Cambridge on March 14, 2018, not far from the campus where he had taught for about 30 years on the same chair that was Isaac Newton’s.

The Doodle is a video made in pixel art, reminiscent of the first video games in color. In a few minutes the life of Hawking, from illness to time and space studies that have made him one of the most authoritative figures in astrophysics.

In 2009 he received from the US president Barack Obama the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest honor in the United States of America. The Hawking’s IQ, by standard tests, it was 160, the same that many biographers attribute to Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton. Hawking’s life became a film, The Theory of Everything, in 2004.

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