Good Plan ExpressVPN: treat yourself to one of the best VPNs on the market at half price

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Why a VPN will help you

In very simple terms, a VPN connects your computer, smart phone Where Tablet to another computer (called waiter) somewhere on Internet, and allows you to browse using this computer’s connection. So, if this server is in another country, you will be considered as an Internet user of this country and you will potentially be able to access things inaccessible otherwise.

Without being exhaustive, you can use a VPN to:

  • Bypass geo-restrictions on websites or platforms streaming as netflix.
  • Protect yourself against eavesdropping on hotspots Wireless unprotected.
  • Achieve at least some online anonymity by hiding your true IP addresses and locations.
  • Torrent without fear of being discovered.

These days, many people use a VPN to torrent or bypass geo-restrictions to watch content in another country. VPNs are still great for protecting you when working in a coffee shop, but that’s not the only use anymore.

ExpressVPN, a market leader

All of the VPNs we recommend should have your online security as their primary focus, and ExpressVPN’s strict no-logging policy, the pick of four protocols security and the solid kill switch help check this box. If you run into any issues, 24/7 customer support is here to help. And it is of course available on android and iOSWindows and macas well as many TV streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast.

Right now, ExpressVPN allows you to benefit from an instant 49% discount on its one-year subscription, but also the 3 months offered in addition. You will thus benefit from a 15-month subscription at the reduced price of €102, or €6.81 per month!

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