Good Move: the MR wants a consultation of at least half of the population concerned

“In concrete terms, 50% of the people affected by the redevelopment will have to be consulted and 50% of the voters will have to support the project, otherwise it will have to be amended”, indicated the president of the regional MR David Leisterh, and the president of the Mobility Commission of the Brussels Parliament, Anne-Charlotte d’Ursel.

Deploring that, in several districts, the arrangements in terms of mobility had been carried out in a hussar, according to them at the instigation of environmentalists, the two liberal representatives affirmed that the Brussels Reform Movement supported an “evolution of mobility, to improve air quality, pacify neighborhoods, beautify the city and support businesses”.

The elected officials of the MR, according to them, defend developments to take into account these various concerns and are not the defenders of “everything in the car”.

MR Brussels will table motions in the various municipalities concerned, to set an objective framework for consultation.

In the event of adoption, 50% of those affected by the reorganization must be consulted and 50% of voters must support the project, failing which it will have to be amended.

MEP Anne-Charlotte d’Ursel, President of the Mobility Commission at the Brussels Parliament, also strongly requested the creation of the charter of citizen participation included in Good Move as a prerequisite for setting out the co-construction of mobility projects and the redevelopment of public space.

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