Good Moulinex deal: 37% reduction on the i-Companion connected robot cooker

Moulinex is a brand well known to the general public which offers innovative medium and high-end products, it is the world’s number one brand of small household appliances. Among Moulinex’s flagship products, we can mention the Cookeo and Companion multicookers. At the moment the i-Companion connected food processor is showing a reduction on Amazon, it is available at a price of € 569 instead of € 899.99.

Description of the i-Companion food processor

With the i-Companion robot, you can cook for 6 to 8 people, the capacity of the bowl is sufficient to prepare dishes for your friends or for large families. Your all-in-1 food processor works for you and without the need for supervision, it steams, mixes, rissole, whips, kneads … Many recipes are available via your smartphone or tablet, you will never run out of ideas to delight you at every meal. This model is made in France, the materials used are robust with a stainless steel tank and a quality control screen. It is designed to be easily repaired, spare parts are accessible for 10 years! You have access to 10 automatic programs and a manual mode to set the time, speed and temperature. The i-Companion robot has 13 speeds, from the most delicate to the ultra-fast, including a maximum turbo and pulse speed to make crushed ice. The cooking temperature is adjustable from 30 to 130 ° C.

Why choose the Moulinex i-Companion robot?

The Moulinex i-Companion robot is complete to allow you to prepare good meals. Its possibilities are numerous thanks to automatic programs which take care of everything and a manual mode which allows you to choose the settings yourself. This robust device is designed to last over time, it is very easy to use and rather quiet. With the i-Companion robot, it is possible to make starters, main courses and desserts to concoct a delicious meal quickly and easily. It is useful for everyday meals or those of the weekend with your family or your friends, everything is possible with i-Companion. You will save a lot of time and this time you can use it by spending time with those you love. Cooking is quick and allows everything to be done in one bowl.

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