Good deal: this mobile plan offers 80 GB for only € 3.99 on the Orange network

Lebara breaks the price of its 80 GB package! Right now, it only costs € 3.99 / 30 days. An ideal offer to save without depriving yourself, while enjoying the flexibility of a non-binding and prepaid mobile plan.

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Do you often call internationally? Your monthly consumption exceeds 50 GB on mobile? Do you like to feel free and change your plan whenever you want? Then the Lebara 80 GB plan is for you.

Currently on sale, the subscription is just $ 3.99 / 30 days for three months. In addition to containing a large internet envelope, it is also affordable.

Even more interesting, this Lebara package is prepaid, without obligation and offers calls unlimited in France and to more than 40 international destinations. Still not convinced?
Read on!

The cheapest 80 GB plan on the market can be found at Lebara

This offer is simply amazing! For € 4 / month, we should have a mobile plan with a maximum of 5 GB of internet. There, with the same budget, Lebara offers you 80 GB.

As part of this promo, the operator is indeed offering an 80% discount if you order your SIM card online. Instead of € 19.99 / 30 days, the subscription will cost you € 3.99. Of course, this reduction will only be valid for three months. However, during this period, you will already save € 48.

By the way, remember that this is a prepaid plan. You only consume what you have already paid for. The risk of additional costs does not exist with this type of offer. Of course, the package is also non-binding. You therefore retain your freedom to terminate at any time.

As for the services offered, you will not be disappointed either. You will have :

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  • 80 GB of mobile data to surf and enjoy content on Netflix and YouTube;
  • Unlimited calls and SMS to benefit from your contacts in mainland France;
  • Unlimited international calls to 43 countries to call your contacts abroad.

Your other advantages with the Lebara 80 GB plan

Cheap, prepaid, no obligation… Lebara’s 80 GB plan already has it all. Yet, the operator still gives you a few other perks that make their offer almost perfect.

First, it works on the Orange mobile network. As Lebara is a virtual mobile operator and does not have its own network, it has chosen that of the incumbent operator, which is designated by Arcep as the best network in mainland France.

The SIM card is also free at Lebara. You will not have to pay anything to get it. Even delivery is offered. Ready for use, the SIM card works immediately upon receipt. Just insert it into your phone. It will be immediately operational.

Flexible, the Lebara prepaid plan can also be paused or stopped whenever you want. All you have to do is connect to your customer area. From there, you will also have the possibility to change the offer, even every month.

Finally, you will also appreciate the Lebara package for its simplicity. Subscription is simple. You will not have to sign a contract or provide your RIB (bank identity statement). The MVNO accepts payment by PayPal or credit card.

What you must remember

  • – Lebara 80 GB package on offer at € 3.99 / 30 days for three months then € 19.99 / 30 days;
    – Prepaid, no-obligation mobile plan available on the Orange network.

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