Good deal: the Delonghi Autentica ETAM29.510B coffee machine at -160 €!

Do you dream of having a bean coffee machine at home? Now is the time to make your wish come true to have a good coffee prepared quickly every morning and to share it with all your guests! Cdiscount has reserved a nice surprise for us, the Delonghi Autentica ETAM29.510B bean coffee machine is offered at its best price, we can afford it at € 369.99 instead of € 529.99!

Presentation of the Delonghi ETAM29.510B bean coffee machine

This Delonghi coffee machine allows you to make many different drinks with freshly ground coffee for preserved aromas and delicious coffee. The advantage of this type of coffee machine is that the coffee is ground when the drink is prepared, which guarantees an exceptional taste! The De’Longhi Thermoblock system delivers the perfect temperature for making coffee, temperature management is ideal. The grinder is made of stainless steel, for a successful extraction, the grinding is very precise. The Autentica coffee machine can be operated using ground powder. The appliance is easy to clean and maintain, it is possible to put the drip tray grid in the dishwasher and an automatic cleaning system is integrated.

A coffee machine to make many drinks

Thanks to the ETAM29.510B machine, you can make several different preparations, for example: an espresso, double espresso, an American coffee, frothy milk, tea … The pressure of the device is 15 bars which is optimal for obtaining excellent quality coffee. The dimensions of the coffee machine are rather small: 19.5 cm in width, 34 cm in depth and 47.7 cm in height. The device is compact but the capacity of the internal containers is satisfactory, especially that of the 1.5 L water tank. The height of the coffee dispenser is adjustable, you can use cups of various sizes depending on the drink you want. choose and your desires.

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