Goo Hye Sun broke up with her boyfriend and shared the news with fans

The latest post on actress Goo Hye Sun’s Instagram account drew a lot of attention from her followers and netizens. This, due to the description of her post in which she mentioned that she had broken up with her boyfriend, what happened?

Goo Hye Sun She is a renowned actress since her starring role in Boys Over Flowers as Jandi. For a while, she drew a lot of attention to her private life after marrying and divorcing actor Ahn Jae Hyun. She now she announced through Instagram the breaking off with her boyfriend.

Goo Hye Sun crying on her Instagram account. // Source: Instagram @ kookoo900

For fans of Korean dramas, actors dating their co-stars always cause great excitement. Although these stories sometimes do not end in a ‘they lived happily ever after’ and each of them decides to continue on their own path.

Such is the case of actress Goo Hye Sun. Who after dating his co-star from Blood, decided to go their separate ways. And after a year of relationship with a person who is not a celebrity, she ended their relationship. Announcing it through her Instagram account.

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Goo Hye Sun Ended One-Year Dating, Reported On Instagram

Through a series of photos and video on Instagram, the actress Goo Hye Sun shared the news of his breaking off. In the post that she shared, she can be seen with teary eyes as she looks at the horizon and as a description of the post, she added ‘I broke up with my boyfriend’.

The actress had revealed that she was in a relationship in March 2021, months after her divorce from actor Ahn Jae Hyun. Although she did not reveal the person she was dating at the time, she kept it a secret at all times.

  • Video of Goo Hye Sun crying that she shared on Instagram. // Source: Instagram @ kookoo900

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Netizens Suspicious Of Goo Hye Sun And Her Breakup Post

Some netizens couldn’t help but notice the strange way the actress had announced their breakup. For many, the fact that Goo Hye Sun shared several studio photos of her crying, made them suspect that perhaps it was some project she is working on, due to the quality of the photos and the video.

Or, you could decide to use photos from a photoshoot that expressed your feelings about that specific event. Meanwhile, the actress has not revealed more information about what happened than that post.

In other news, Park Seo Joon, Park Bo Gum, and more celebrities will be joining a new show. Did you hear?

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