Gong Yoo will no longer be starring in The Devil, what happened?

Gong Yoo was offered a leading role in ‘The Devil’, a new drama that promised a lot for fans of these series, but the actor will no longer appear in this production, what is the reason?

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Gong Yoo He is a Korean actor who likes to choose wisely each project in which he works, we have been able to enjoy his talents in front of the cameras in various dramas como ‘One Fine Day’, ‘The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince’ o ‘Goblin’.

The carrera Gong Yoo’s also spreads through the cinema, appearing in Korean films that left the audience totally captivated thanks to the characters of this incredible actor, with more than 20 years in the entertainment industry, this is one of the most recognized celebrities thanks to your great experience.

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Each project where we see Gong Yoo is amazing, because with his talents he can perfectly interpret each character who is commissioned; their fandom fills with excitement every time a new movie or new is announced K-Drama where the actor is in the cast.

Gong Yoo would star ‘The Devil’, a new drama That generated great expectations, but now the fans regret that the actor is no longer in the cast of the drama, why will we no longer see him in this production?

Gong Yoo turned down the leading role of the Devil, we will no longer see the actor in this drama

A few days ago we found out that Gong Yoo was in talks to star in ‘The Devil’, a new drama written by Kim Eun Hee, who was responsible for such hit dramas as ‘Kingdom’ and ‘Signal’; sadly, Gong Yoo did not accept the leading role of the new K-Drama.

Gong Yoo turned down the leading role of The Devil | Twitter: @ PipayMD824

The production of ‘The Devil’ is looking for a new actor to star in the drama alongside Kim Tae Ri, who will take the place of Gong Yoo?

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What is Gong Yoo’s next project?

For now, Gong Yoo does not have any movie or K-Drama on the horizon where we can enjoy his performance, we just have to wait for a production that has a perfect character for the actor to know what his performance will be. next project.

Gong Yoo has no confirmed projects for now | Twitter: @ PipayMD824

We hope to see Gong Yoo again in a drama or movie soon, while we can enjoy the jobs he has already left behind.

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