Gone Girl: why the film was controversial?

Released in 2014, “Gone Girl” was a reminder that David Fincher was one of the greatest directors of his time. However, despite great critical and commercial success, the film suffered some embarrassing accusations.

Gone Girl : the chilling thriller of David Fincher

At the beginning of Gone Girl, there is a novel of the same name written by Gillian Flynn. Indeed, this last book in 2012 a real bestseller (almost 2 million copies sold) which catches the eye of David Fincher. The novelist is also credited with the script of the film.

Gone Girl So follows Nick Dunne who reports the disappearance of his wife, Amy, on their fifth wedding anniversary. The police and the media panic then, accusing the husband of having murdered her. But is Amy really dead?

Biggest commercial success for David Fincher ($ 369 million in revenue, for a budget of $ 61 million) Gone Girl is crowned by numerous awards and nominations in the biggest international ceremonies. A triumph due in particular to the tortuous realization of Fincher, to the inventive scenario of Gillian Flynn and to the hallucinating performance of Rosamund Pike.

Gone Girl ©New Regency Pictures

However, the film did not please everyone, far from it.

A misogynistic work?

From the publication of the novel, Gillian Flynn was accused of showing misogyny. And this, because of its female characters who were far from being angels, compared to their male counterparts. Inevitably, its film adaptation would follow the same path … and the same detractors.

This is how the association Dare feminism challenges the film via an article entitled Gone Girl, or the arguments of the masculinists. According to her, the film is, plain and simple, a patriarchal cliché of female perversion. Obviously involved: Amy, a true goddess of manipulation in the thriller. Dare feminism was not the only one to take down the feature film since tribunes of the same kind have appeared in The Guardian and Vulture.

Gone Girl, a masculinist film? A ridiculous accusation according to Gillian Flynn who had already denied his alleged misogyny in 2012.

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