Gondík vs. Háma: Dusno resulted in the break-up of the band!

People are changing, time is moving forward and older bands and performers either have to adapt or holt come to terms with the end. Although more heads know more, there is not always a common idea. “Things happened that the band members had different views on, so we thought we’d each go our own way.” said the moderator of the music show Your face has a well-known voice for the eXtra.cz server.

Wound for Aleš Hámu: Breakup after 25 years!

He entrusted the Super.cz website with a slightly different view of the matter Dalibor Gondík. “We probably all found a different working path and direction of life. We were four terribly strong personalities. It was a twenty-five year old joy that evaporated. But I play in other formations and groups, so I don’t deal with it, “ stated then.

In the end, Dalibor Gondík resigned for the peace of all members of the band, and it was therefore after Hamlets. The band continues to work, but it’s not the same. “We call it Aleš Háma & friends and we play together with Peta Vondráček and Cuba Wehrenberg and whoever wants to can usually go there, “ revealed Aleš Háma. But there is reportedly no blood between him and Gondík. “The fact that Dalibor and I recently appeared on the show Your Face Has a Known Voice can be taken as proof that we are not standing against each other like rivals or in a major quarrel. We just closed a chapter of our lives, “ Hama explained.

Aleš Háma: Before I end up in LDNka, I want to enjoy a real adventure

The stumbling block was supposed to be a Czech Television project In a caravan around the Czech Republic, who replaced his longtime friend Aleš Háma instead of Dalibor Gondík, who was also its author. Although relations have apparently improved since the potential betrayal, the wounds have apparently not yet fully healed.

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