Gomorra 5, Salvatore Esposito and Marco D’Amore: “Genny and Ciro as Rocky and Apollo Creed”

The video interview with Salvatore Esposito and Marco D’Amore, who have arrived at the last season of Gomorrah, the fifth, in the roles of Genny Savastano and Ciro Di Marzio: It is the end of an era.

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Gomorrah – Series 5: Salvatore Esposito in the first episode

Here we are: after five seasons, 58 episodes and a film, L’immortale (directorial debut by Marco D’Amore), Gomorra – The series has come to an end (even if we are not at all convinced that the franchise created by Roberto Saviano and Stefano Sollima with Sky, Cattleya and Fandango stop here). Gomorrah 5 is on Sky since November 19, ten episodes in all: the circle tightens around the two absolute protagonists, Genny (Salvatore Esposito) and Ciro (D’Amore).

Gomorra 5 Ep02 17092020 00781 1

Gomorrah – Series 5: Marco D’Amore and Salvatore Esposito in the second episode

Who has not seen the film The Immortal (2019), which bridges the fourth and fifth seasons of Gomorrah, perhaps does not know that Ciro is not dead: after Genny shot him in that boat and saw the sinking his body, Ciro “The Immortal” Di Marzio has rebuilt a life (always criminal) in Riga, Latvia. Learning that his nemesis is alive and well, Genny goes to get her back. And it is from here that we start again, right where we left off.

Gomorrah 5 is the end of an era: not only as regards the world of these characters. It is also the end (and it is precisely for this reason that we are sure that other ways will be found to return to revisit this narrative universe) of a production path that has changed Italian seriality, opening the doors to the international market. We met the actors Salvatore Esposito e Marco D’Amore in Rome, thinking a little about the weight of these characters. Also managing to foresee what immediately became a cult cover: on Rolling Stone of November 2021 Genny and Ciro kiss. The series will not end like this. But how iconic is that image.

The video interview with Salvatore Esposito and Marco D’Amore

Gomorra – La Serie, Salvatore Esposito on the last season: “Gomorra 5 is like the end of a love story”

Gomorrah 5: the kiss between Genny and Ciro

You never know if Genny and Ciro are there to kiss or kill each other. How cool would it be to see a kiss between them?

Salvatore Esposito: What do you know that won’t happen? We told two characters from Gomorrah one onwards who were everything: brothers, father and son, lovers, enemies, they hated each other, they fought each other, so in this fifth season, in my opinion, what the spectators will see will be the sum of all these emotions. Of all these sensations. Then I would invite the public to dwell, rather than on what they will do and say, on what they will not say.

Gomorrah 5, the review of the first two episodes: the beginning of the end for those who rewrote the Italian series

Gomorrah 5 Marco Amore Salvatore Esposito

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Gomorrah 5: Salvatore Esposito and Marco D’Amore in one scene

Because they love each other. These two love each other a little, come on.

Marco D’Amore: Proust said that love is essentially understood in separation. In my opinion Salvatore in the fourth season had the ability to manage the story of his character in mourning and in the absence of Ciro precisely from memory and representation of this missed love. This lost love. Then there are loves and loves. There are violent loves, loves that do not reach satisfaction, unspoken loves. So surely in this sense between Genny and Ciro it is also a love story.

Gomorrah 5: Genny and Ciro as Rocky and Apollo Creed

I won’t say who is who, but this last season you reminded me a little bit of Rocky and Ivan Drago. One of you always has his hood up, like he’s ready to step into the ring. On the one hand there is concreteness, on the other hand there is blind faith.

Marco D’Amore: In my opinion in this sense it is wrong to speak of faith. I believe that a certain type of inordinate belonging always has to do with violence. In my opinion Ciro is incredibly permeated by a mysticism, which has much more to do with this aura of mystery and return that he carries. So there is an incredible wonder around this character. Which is in fact opposed to the need instead of Genny, who has built a world and wishes to keep it, to be practical in his things. Even if, however, this character is not ashamed to show wounds and frailties that make him deeply human.

Gomorrah 5 Marco Amore Salvatore Esposito 2

Gomorrah 5: Salvatore Esposito and Marco D’Amore in one scene

Salvatore Esposito: In my opinion you made a very nice parallelism but it is not with Ivan Drago. In my opinion the parallelism is to be made between Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed. That is the right parallelism to tell these two. As in Rocky they were enemies, they were rivals, they hated each other in the ring, but then deep down they loved each other and after the death of Apollo Rocky lived in the pain of this missing friend. What happened to Genny in Gomorra 4. So we have to see if in Gomorra 5 they will go back to the ring. Who knows what will happen.

Gomorrah 5: the final

In one of the episodes Ciro says: “I don’t care that this story continues, I just want it to end as I say”. Being the last season of Gomorrah it is a bit of an inside joke. Are you happy? Did it end the way you wanted it?

Marco D’Amore: I am much happier to think about the path rather than the end. It is clear that putting a stop to a story can please or create discontent depending on how you look at it. I am really happy with the journey that we have told and with how much we have succeeded from the story of worlds to tighten the lens around these two characters and the way they have to look at each other even from a distance.

Gomorra5 Photocall 046

Gomorra – La serie 5: the cast at the last season’s photocall

Salvatore Esposito: From my point of view, the most important thing will not be the end, because the end will disappoint everyone. When something beautiful ends, sadness, from my point of view, is the feeling that reigns supreme. For me it happened for example with Game of Thrones. When something ends, you feel bad, it hurts you. So you can never be happy with an ending. But in my opinion it will be very nice to understand how that end will come. This, from my point of view, is the greatest message that Marco and I, Ciro and Genny, can dedicate to all the people who have loved and love Gomorrah.

Marco D’Amore: Anyway, as Mina sang, the important thing is to finish.

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