Golden Nightingale Lost: A touching gift to heaven

“The Czech nightingale is Lost! I would like to send this award up to Karel Gott, “Said Marek after the widow of the singer Ivana Gottová handed him the Golden Nightingale (45). When he was moved to the Absolute Nightingale for the largest number of votes he received (48,048), he called a big party.

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Absolute Nightingale Marek Ztracený: I am proud and grateful! What did his colleagues tell him?

“I ask my manager to cancel my job for the next three days. There will be a big party and I invite you all to it, “said a moved singer in front of the whole nation, who came to Slavíky accompanied by his fiancée Marcela (35), with whom he has a son Marek (9). “You’re the most beautiful woman in the hall,” he said, paying homage to his fiancé and showing the lucky stone his son had given him live.

Slavík winner Marek Ztracený: Am I the new Gott? It is not necessary!

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