Golden Globes 2022 will be a "private event" without direct

Are we close to the death of the Golden Globes?

Sunday 9th January the ceremony of awarding the Golden Globes 2022 it will be unprecedented, and not in a good way: the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) has indeed announced that the event will be “private” and there will be no live streaming. The prizes will be communicated through i social media and the official website of the HFPA. In this way, the last element of glamor potential is removed, after the absence of stars and red carpets was certified a couple of days ago.

For further information: the nominations relating to cinema and those relating to TV series

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Golden Globes 2022, no live streaming

This is a radical change from past years, when all of Hollywood met in the lounge of the Beverly Hilton Hotel to take advantage of free drinks and to show themselves in great shape live on NBC, knowing full well that winning a Golden Globe it meant taking a mortgage on the Oscars. The HFPA has released a meager press release in which it does not clarify whether the decision to abandon live streaming is linked or not to the contract that still binds it to NBC, which for years has owned and managed the rights to broadcast the awards ceremony.

In any case, the HFPA confirms its intention to gather a small number of people in the same place, always the Beverly Hilton Hotel, despite the net the worsening of the Coronavirus pandemic in the Los Angeles area. There is still the risk that even the private appointment will be canceled at the last minute, but at this point it really matters little.

Is it the death of the HFPA?

We are in fact facing the biggest crisis that the Golden Globes have faced in their decades-long history (the first time dates back to 1944), and according to some analysts we are witnessing the death of these awards. The fault of a scandal that broke out in February 2021, when an article in the Los Angeles Times revealed to the world the poor representativeness of the HFPA and fueled suspicions of corruption among its members: facts that were known, within the showbiz community, but which everyone accepted because at that moment winning a Golden Globe mattered a lot. Just remember how a victory was heralded in movie trailers and promotional campaigns.

To be fair, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association ran for cover, increased its membership and changed its internal rules, but this was not deemed sufficient and currently a boycott is still in place by the major companies and stars of the US showbiz. And it goes without saying that without their support the importance of the Golden Globes is greatly reduced. Hence the impression that are now close to death and that HFPA itself will follow suit. However, the fact remains that on Sunday 9 January the prizes will be handed out: the winners will probably not celebrate publicly, but they will still receive their statuette.

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