Golden Globe 2023 | ‘Argentina, 1985’ wins Best Film in a Non-English Language

Argentina, 1985‘, drama that is already available on Prime Videois one of the favorites during the awards season – and did well at the awards ceremony. Golden Globes 2023.

The feature film won the Best Film in a Non-English Language and remains as the main candidate to take the Oscar figurine in the same category.

Argentina, 1985‘ opens to the world on the exact day the judicial process began, thirty-seven years earlier, on October 21, and celebrating 35 years of democracy in the country. This period also signals that the babies and children of that time are now adults, forming their own families, which demonstrates the importance of cinema in not letting current and future generations forget the horrors of the past. In this sense, the film works as an important tool against the social memory that has been threatening to take over Latin American countries in recent years.

Starting from such a sensitive and important theme, the Mariano Llinás and Santiago Miter makes personal choices not to delve so deeply into the painful social drama. Thus, of the two hours and twenty minutes of production, a good part follows the individual dilemmas of the promoter Strassera, from her paranoia in relation to her daughter’s boyfriend, through her quest to assemble a team of assistant lawyers to compose the case and, finally, the multiple threats suffered by her family due to the trial. Because we constantly follow the protagonist, we lose a bit of involvement with the social context, which enters the plot very timidly from the character of Peter Lanzani, a lawyer whose family is in the military. For non-Argentineans, it can be a little difficult to follow. On the other hand, the script manages to give extreme emotion to two key moments of the film: the dramatic testimony of a mother who gave birth in a military van, and the final accusation, made by the prosecutor Strassera. These two moments, whose emotions are irresistible, may be enough to guarantee the presence of the film as a competitor to the Foreign Film Oscar and, who knows, also for Darinas Best Actor. It would be a well-deserved recognition.

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