Goblin: Sad scenes that will make you cry and remember the drama

Given that it is one of the K-Dramas most remembered by fans, these moments from Goblin: The Lonely and Great God became unforgettable.

Every fan of the dramas You have heard about this production, it is a fantasy drama that left its mark on Korean entertainment, and among international fans it is one of the most popular series despite the passage of time.

Goblin focuses on the story of a warrior from the Goryeo era who after losing his life receives a mysterious punishment, through which he becomes an immortal being destined to see generations of friends leave until he finds the girl who is destined to be his girlfriend.

We follow this character from the ancient times of Korea to the present and then towards the future, but while we watched their experiences, we had fun and received messages of reflection, there were also sad scenes capable of making us cry.

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Sad goblin moments that moved everyone

  • Eun Tak’s birthday

From the beginning of this drama we knew that it was going to be a story capable of making us cry over and over again. At the beginning we see Eun Tak as a girl, it is her birthday and her mother is waiting for her to celebrate by her side, however, it is only about her soul.

Another moment that left its mark was when Kim Shin, the character of Gong Yoo, disappears in front of Eun Tak’s eyes and she can’t do anything to prevent it. The girl does not want the Goblin to leave and is also afraid to forget it as soon as he leaves.

The characters of the Angel of Death and Sunny had many sad moments, but despite everything the hope for their happiness together remained until the end. Although in the drama they had a new opportunity to be together, we also witnessed a sad farewell where the girl tells her that although she does not know what will happen in another life, at least in this one they will not be able to be happy as a couple.

  • Eun Tak’s last day

We cannot stop short of one of the last moments of the drama, where the character of Kim Go Eun makes a sacrifice to save a group of young children, even if it means giving up his life

Another proof that Goblin gave us sad scenes from the beginning of the drama is what we see in the Goryeo era. Kim Shin used to be a warrior of the kingdom and his sister the queen, however by being influenced, the king ends their lives.

On the other hand, we tell you about a charming poem that is part of the Goblin drama and that was dedicated to Eun Tak in the story, do you remember what it says?

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