Goblin: Drama References That Will Make You Remember His Story

If you like stories of romance with a dose of magic and reflection then surely you have seen Goblin and you will easily recognize all these references.

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The korean series 2016 featured a star cast, a memorable and unique story, reasons why it became a worldwide phenomenon since it was broadcast.

Throughout 16 episodes we followed the experiences of Eun Tak, the Immortal Being, the Angel of Death and Sunny, so we accompanied them as they discovered their destiny and what had led them to the path they were traveling at that time.

However, although you probably remember the history of these characters, perhaps you will also recognize some elements that were present in the chapters and that wherever you see them will make you think about the K-Drama.

This time we will not tell you only about scenes or particular moments of the drama, but we will take you to recognize some elements and references that you can see in your day to day and that will surely make you remember the production starring Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun.

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Goblin Elements Any Fan Associates With K-Drama

The immortal being always appeared in front of Eun Tak when she called him, but sometimes the girl would cause this even without realizing it. It wasn’t until later that she realized that by blowing out a candle to put out her flame, Kim Shin would appear in front of her. So if you have never remembered Goblin performing this same action maybe you lack a bit of emotion for the story.

Eun Tak blowing a candle at Goblin. | Source: Twitter @IReadMary

When the protagonists travel to Canada, the autumn weather has broken through and colored the leaves of the trees. These scenarios are representative of Goblin, but even more so the maple leaf that Eun Tak keeps as a souvenir of that day.

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The protagonist of this story shows her affection for the character of Gong Yoo in many ways and on one occasion we heard her relate that character’s emotions to the weather:

From now on, when it rains I’ll think you’re sad. It’s not like I just don’t have someone to count on, now I have to worry about you too

That is why now when it rains it is possible that on more than one occasion you have thought about that tender reference that would reveal that Kim Shin is sad.

Let’s be honest, red scarves can be references for many things, for example, for many it could be related to the stories that Taylor Swift tells through her music, but for a fan of K-Dramas the first thing that comes to our mind it’s goblin.

Eun Tak from Goblin with his red scarf. | Source: Twitter @IReadMary

Due to the way the plot is constructed, we see Eun Tak at different stages of her life, but as a young student she wears a red scarf that her mother gave her since she was a child.

Bouquets of white flowers are present on various occasions throughout history, for example at Eun Tak’s graduation. However, the most iconic scene with this article is when the protagonists get married.

Scene of Kim Go Eun and Gong Yoo in Goblin. | Source: Twitter @ 1460_lu

This list could continue with the pier, the Grim Reaper’s black hat, and more, but this time we’ll leave it there.

Did you recognize all these references and do you always find them in your day to day? So you must be a big fan of the drama and that’s why we invite you to remember the funniest scene of Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun in said production.

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