Go to the Czech windmills: Wake up to the pinwheels!

Today is Windmill Day. There are two classic types of mills in the Czech Republic – in addition to the well-known Dutch and column mill (so-called German). To this day, there are even a few dozen, most in Moravia and Silesia. Water mills were more common in Bohemia.

Column vs. Dutch

The first type of column (or also German) is a wooden storey mill, which rotates entirely against the wind as needed. Depending on the construction, territorial distribution and method of rotation, it is called columnar, Moravian, German, ram, goat or simply male. The second type of mill – the Dutch – is a brick building on a circular floor plan, where only the roof rotates with the propeller. He is also nicknamed a female.

Borovnice, Trutnov region

It is a replica of a defunct wooden windmill. It was dismantled in 1968 and will be built in an open-air museum. His remains moved several times and eventually ended up in the depository of the open-air museum in Kouřim. The village of Borovnice wanted to get the mill back as a tourist attraction, because the original parts were dilapidated, it had an exact replica of the mill built in another part of the village.

Vrátno, Mladá Boleslav

The Dutch-type windmill, nicknamed the Vrátenský fan, dominates the landscape north of the village of Vrátno. It was built in 1870 by miller Mareček. It is currently a renovated private building.

Příčovy, Příbram region

The ruins of a Dutch windmill, which is located west of the village of Příčovy. The first mention of the mill is from 1604. Of the brick mill, only a massive ruin remains, the outer diameter of the building is over 14 meters, which makes it unique in Europe.

Starý Poddvorov, Hodonín

The German column mill with complete technology stands on a hill about a kilometer from the village of Starý Poddvorov. It was built in 1870 by Mr. Laštůvka from Mutěnice. After six years, another owner moved it to Týnec near Břeclav. From there he was transferred to his current location on Zahajka Hill after 10 years.

Krchleby, Nymburk

It is a new building built by Mr. and Mrs. Tuzar. Excavation work began in 2011 and the construction was completed in June 2014. It was their long-term dream to build their own Dutch-style windmill.

Ruprechtov, Vyškov district

The Dutch-type mill was built in 1873. Nine years later, however, the storm destroyed the entire roof structure with the main shaft, gears and parts of the masonry. So the miller Cyril Wagner decided to modernize the mill, following the example he had seen in America. He built a two-ton wind Halladay turbine, roughly doubling the mill’s output.

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