gmail youtube maps blocked in android phones: these smartphones will be junk! Apps like Gmail, Youtube will not run in these Android phones from September, Google’s big decision – google to block gmail youtube google maps on these android phones from 27 september

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Most Android phone users upgrade after using the phone for 3 or more years. But there are many people who use the devices until it is turned off. If you are also one of those users who are using old Android phones, then understand that the time is over. Google will now blog applications like Gmail, Youtube, Google Maps in phones running on older versions of Android.

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The company has confirmed that users on these older Android phones will be blocked from logging into the Google account. Remind that WhatsApp is not already working in these old Android versions.

Now according to the latest report, the support of apps like Gmail, YouTube and Maps will be ended on smartphones running Android 2.3. Let us tell you that Android 2.3 was launched in December 20210 under the name Android Gingerbread. The company said that due to efforts to keep users safe, the company is now ending support for Android 2.3.

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Recall that in February 2017, the company stopped support for Google Pay contactless payments from handsets running Android 2.3. Now from September 27, Google will end the support for signing in to Google account in these phones. On logging into Google account in these smartphones, an error will be given even if the username and password are correct. Similar password and username error will be reported for Google Calendar or Gmail account as well. However, these devices will also not get support for other popular Google apps like Youtube, Google Play Store, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Calender and etc.

You will need to upgrade to Android 3.0 to use these Google apps. If your phone hasn’t been updated yet, you probably won’t be able to update to Android 3.0 anymore. So you might have to buy a new Android smartphone. If you cannot purchase a new device, you will need to use a browser on Android to use these services from Google. But keep in mind that apps will be permanently blocked in your old handset.

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