Glitters More Than Robert Pattinson In ‘Twilight’: New ‘Barbie’ Pic Shows Ryan Gosling As Ken

He’s already considered a heartthrob: But for the upcoming “Barbie” film, Ryan Gosling has dressed up, as the first picture shows.

The fact that there has never been a live-action film adaptation of the world’s most famous toy doll could be because it’s not that easy to gather so many beautiful but talented actors in front of the camera. Director Greta Gerwig (“Lady Bird”) finally succeeded and the first official picture with Margot Robbie as Barbie shows very well what fans can expect: a cheerful, colorful and hopefully wonderfully self-ironic world – almost like in “Clueless – What Else!”.

But if you thought it couldn’t be topped, brace yourself: Warner Bros. has released the first-ever official picture of Ryan Gosling as Ken:

His fans have certainly never seen him like this before. Ryan Gosling may be considered a Hollywood hottie, but the 41-year-old cares little about his sex symbol status. Instead of living up to that image and appearing in films as a handsome heartthrob, as some colleagues prefer, he much prefers to play drained private investigators (“The Nice Guys”), quirky loners (“Lars and the Women”) and taciturn criminals (“Only God Forgives”). Only occasionally does Gosling enjoy turning his fans’ heads, such as the “woman whisperer” Jacob in “Crazy, Stupid, Love.”

Barbie: Dreamtopia Season 1 is available to stream on Amazon

Gosling’s look in Barbie is definitely his own, though, and has more “glitz” to it than Robert Pattinson did in the “Twilight” saga: peroxide blonde hair paired with carefully tanned skin that really shows off the eight-pack. In addition, a jeans outfit that literally screams for swanky Guido, the plastic look wanted. The picture could be the perfect counter shot to the previously released Barbie picture with Margot Robbie:

“Hiya, Ken!”

“Hi Barbie!”

“You want to go for a ride?”

“Sure, Barbie”

“Jump in!”

It is not yet known whether “Barbie” will be a family or even a children’s film. The eleven films in our video are the most beautiful in this category.

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Barbie: That’s how hard Ryan Gosling trains for his role as Ken

Ken is the male counterpart of Barbie. That means it has to be absolutely perfect – also or especially for the “Barbie” film. And like Simu Liu (“Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”) in an interview with ET Online revealed, Gosling trains with iron discipline to live up to this ideal. When asked which of the stars trains the hardest on set, Liu replies:

“Definitely Ryan [Gosling] – 100 percent. He’s definitely the type to hit the gym in the morning and after work. As much as I may think I have a good work ethic, I also love food too much. Just hearing about his strict diet and how much he cares about taking care of himself and his body makes me think, I respect that, I respect that. I’m going to drink some lemonade now.”

That from the mouth of the Marvel star, hats off! But the result of Gosling’s discipline is also clearly visible in the picture. He hasn’t looked this fit, at least on screen, in a while. But it could also have something to do with Gosling’s upcoming role in Netflix’s mammoth project The Gray Man (Netflix launches Aug July 22, 2022) will feature Avengers: Endgame creators Joe and Anthony Russo.

In addition to Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling and Simu Liu, Barbie also stars Emma Mackey, Will Ferrell, Michael Cera, Kate McKinnon, Nicola Coughlan, Hari Nef and Rtu Arya. The theatrical release is for Summer 2023 planned.

Anyone who played with Barbie in the 80s and 90s must have watched cartoons on TV. So, take the quiz:

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