Gleici compares Jove to "wetland" with ex when revolting with character

Gleici Damasceno revolted with Jove, of wetlandand detonated the character on social networks when he disapproved of his attitudes in the plot, after an episode aired this Monday (05/09).

On his Twitter, Gleici spoke of Jove and expressed dissatisfaction: “About Jove: only those who have lived will know”, she said. In another publication, she reported: “Guys, I’ve had relationships with people you don’t even know, ok?! So, stop it. This is a reality for many people.”

“Several friends and many of you know what I’m talking about, because you’ve lived. I’m in 2022!”, wrote the ex-BBB, without giving details about the relationship, but comparing the old relationship with Jove.

Gleici even talked about the character on another occasion, asking if users thought he was a “left-winger”, a man with no good intentions who tries to hide his misconduct. “Jove left a girlfriend in RJ, eluded Guta’s pobi (sic) and now he’s trying to mess up Juma’s life. I hope she turns into a jaguar and swallows him soon”, she said, who divided opinions among her followers.

“The guy was unable to tell Guta he doesn’t want anything to do with her…”, commented one. “But he didn’t even date the one from the river and he always made it very clear to Guta that he didn’t want anything to do with her, she who kept pushing the bar because she is emotionally shaken by the issues of her father’s second family”, explained another.

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