Gladiator 2, Ridley Scott: "The script for the sequel is ready"

Ridley Scott has revealed that the screenplay for Gladiator 2, the sequel to the legendary 2000 historical film starring Russell Crowe, has been completed.

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Ridley Scott, during a recent interview, revealed that the screenplay de The Gladiator 2, or the sequel to the famous 2000 film, is ready and the film is in development. The news comes after some rumors, circulated online last April, according to which Russell Crowe intends to produce the new film with Chris Hemsworth as the son of Massimo Decimo Meridio.

The gladiator: a moment of the film

In a Deadline interview, Scott was asked to talk about the script and the writers who were hired to write the sequel; in this regard, the director explained: “Oh, the script has already been written. We have a good basis, as far as the plot is concerned, the direction to follow is quite logical“.

You can’t just make another Gladiator-like movie. “Explained the director.”You have to create an interesting, different, new sequel … there are enough interesting components from the first film that we can shoot to keep telling this story.“.

Russell Crowe and director Ridley Scott during the filming of Gladiator

Russell Crowe and director Ridley Scott during the filming of Gladiator

When asked about the enduring appeal of Gladiator, director Ridley Scott responded by saying: “First of all, I love making period films, not all directors think like me. I love research and that phase is essential to carry out a project of this type. Secondly, I’m not a fan of Hollywood’s Rome movies up until that point, they were too artificial. When I decided to direct the film I realized that such a thing had never been done before, at least not that way“.

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