Gladiator 2: Ridley Scott is looking for new protagonists

New teases reveal that director Ridley Scott is currently busy looking for the main actors for the Gladiator sequel, which is expected to go into production in the coming months.

More than 22 years after the release of de Gladiator, Ridley Scott decided to follow up on his peplum hit. The English director is reportedly currently in the works search for key players.

Gladiator starred Russell Crowe as Maximus Decimus Meridius, a Roman soldier-turned-slave who fights for revenge for the murder of his family. At the end of the film the character dies so the return of Crowe in the sequel seems unlikely. A script for the project had Maximus reincarnated as a warrior at different points in history, but this idea was scrapped. In late 2021, Scott revealed that a new script for Gladiator 2 had been completed and that he planned to direct.

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Now that the story is ready to shoot, Puck News reveals that the director is looking for lead actors for the sequel. No plot details have been leaked so far, but it has been confirmed that production on the film is expected to kick off in the coming months.

It remains to be seen whether Ridley Scott will be able to fit this new project with his Napoleon, a historical biopic starring Joaquin Phoenix currently in post-production. Scott is also attached to other projects, the series Sinking Spring, which he is expected to direct and produce, and the action thriller Queen & Country, in the early stages of development. Will Gladiator 2 take precedence in your agenda?

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