Gkay massacres Sonia Abram after being called ridiculous: ‘Program of m*’. Understand controversy!


During an edition of “A Tarde é Sua” that aired in May, Sônia Abrão detonated the statements given by Gkay in an interview for Gshow, where the comedian says that the investments for the new edition of “Farofa da Gkay” are already budgeted at R$ 8 million.

Look, to say that you are going to spend R$ 8 million on a party, in a country where people are dying of hunger, is a lack of conscience.“, claimed Sônia, who also suggested that part of the money was destined for social projects. food for people who are in need”, asked the presenter.

Finally, Sonia once again asked for Gkay’s conscience. “Saying you’re going to spend R$ 8 million, people, put your hand on your conscience and stop being ridiculous“, shot.

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