Gkay makes a surprising revelation by mentioning the name of a famous crush. Check out!

Gkay participated in an interaction with influencer Lucas Rangel on social media. In it, the influencer, who was the target of hate attacks recently, ended up revealing the name of a famous crush.

Lucas opened a question box on Instagram and received a request from a follower. The fan wanted to know what was the name of a famous person that everyone is interested in. When asked, Gkay said that the list of his famous crushes is long.

“My… Hmm… There are so many, my God. Brazil or international?”, questioned Gkay, who revealed that the Brazilian is João Guilherme. It is worth remembering that during last year’s “Farofa da Gkay”, the influencer said that she took the actor to the dark room of the event, but that nothing happened between the two.

João Guilherme has an extensive list of affairs

João Guilherme accumulates an extensive list of celebrities with whom he has stayed. Recently, the ex-boyfriend of Larissa Manoela and Jade Picon was caught kissing with Gabriela Versiani. Bianca Andrade also revealed that she has already stayed with Leonardo’s son and generated a commotion on social media. In addition to them, Viih Tube and Duda Reis have also been identified as the actor’s affair.

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